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PARC is aware that every business has the need to reduce costs, and solve process issues efficiently and effectively that may arise. PARC is your solution. We are committed to deliver upon our promise of high quality service, exceed performance expectations, and do what we can to save your organization money. This will enable you to leverage your employees to work other assignments.

PARC is dedicated to making your idea work. We are committed to pursue every angle to help your business grow.

If you have a project that you would like help discovering what PARC can do with logistics and our money and time saving ideas, please contact us. We are always willing to discuss ideas and possibilities with you.

Military Kitting

PARC has been involved in the research, development, procurement, kitting, and distribution of various highly specialized military kits since 2006.



Parc & Save

PARC opened Parc & Save in 2016. The thrift store is located Davis County Landfill which a perfect location to collect items you don't need. This business provides a store that reusable items can be sold to the general public. 

Custodial Contracts

Currently, PARC provides Hill Air Force Base, Tooele Army Depot, Utah State Tax Commission, and the BATC with custodial work - cleaning nearly 1,000 building daily.

PARC Capabilities

• Custodial
• Distribution
• Document Imaging
• Food Services
• Order Fulfillment
• Grounds Maintenance
• Kitting
• Commercial Laundry
• Material Sorting
• Packaging/Assembly
• Scrap Metal Sorting
• Total Facilities Maintenance
• Product Manufacturing & Development
• Warehousing

What our clients say…

We appreciate all that the PARC team does for our building. They are diligent and take great care in their work. It amazing the work they do.

We’re glad to offer the opportunity for jobs for people with disabilities through this partnership with Runway Ruby's here on the Base.

Col. Hansen

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