Pathways to Careers

Expanding Employment Choices for Persons with Disabilities

Pathways to Careers

Pathways to Careers is an employment program that empowers youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to match their skills, interests and abilities with jobs and careers in their communities.

The Utah Pathways to Careers model has been designed to serve 60 individuals with I/DD from three targeted groups: 20 students over the age of 18 who are enrolled in Davis School District (DSD) special education transition classes, 20 individuals working for PARC in the facility-based employment of choice (EOC) setting, and 20 individuals on the Medicaid Waiver Waiting List in Davis County, Utah.

The project objectives are:

• Identify each intern’s unique skills and interests through an expanded “discovery” process that supports the selection of paid internships or customized self-employment;

• Provide experiential learning opportunities for participants through 8-12 week paid internships in integrated work settings in a wide range of community jobs with significant post-internship employment potential;

• Create an attractive and effective incentive for employers to offer (and provide) integrated, community employment to interns during and after internships;

• Ensure that those eligible to participate in the Pathways project can choose to do so without fear of losing their state and medical benefits during the internships;

• Ensure that decisions made by interns about employment (including any decision to engage (or not engage) in integrated, community employment) are informed.

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