Open  March 14th

1700 East 3500 North

Wasatch Integrated Waste and the Davis School District have partnered on the establishment of a new thrift store at the Davis County landfill that has, at its core, a very unique mission. In working to encourage the ‘reuse’ of more of the items brought to the landfill, Nathan Rich, the executive director for Wasatch Integrated Waste, petitioned the assistance of members of the Davis County Chamber of Commerce in a meeting last year. Mr. Rich spoke to the group about a second-hand store being run at a landfill site in California that offers reclaimed and donated items to the public. He proposed that a similar thrift store could be operated out of the landfill in Layton. The Recycling Center at the landfill has seen a significant decrease in patrons as more and more cities have implemented curbside recycling programs. Mr. Rich suggested that a store could be set up in the unused portion of the building if someone would be willing to take on the challenge. Dr. Ryan Hansen, the CEO of the Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC), was in attendance at that meeting and saw great potential in Rich’s suggestion. PARC is an arm of the Davis School District that has been assisting people with disabilities to gain greater independence through employment for more than 40 years.
It wasn’t long before details were ironed out and a store began to shape. In this new setting, people with significant disabilities will be employed and be able to demonstrate their skills in customer service, logistics, sales tracking and more. In addition to retail experience, PARC’s clients will also be trained in bicycle and small engine repair as landfill employees funnel discarded bikes, lawnmowers, tillers and snow blowers to the thrift store for refurbishing. “These jobs will create meaningful opportunities for individuals with significant disabilities and clearly demonstrate their potential in the job market,” said Dr. Hansen. The PARC & Save Thrift Store and Donation Center will officially open its doors on Monday, March 14th, with a ribbon cutting and open house for the public. The entrance to the PARC & Save is located on the west side of the Recycling Center, immediately to the left of the main gate of the landfill. For more information or to learn how you can donate items to the store, please call Warren Sellers at PARC, 801-402-0994, or connect with the store’s staff on Facebook at www.facebook/PARC& Save.

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