People of PARC - Janet

People of PARC – Meet Janet

This quarter we feature Janet Battisti, a valued member of our facilities staff. Janet started her career with PARC at HAFB assigned to our Ability One Contract on September 11, 1995. Just two mere years later, to the day, we moved her to our facilities to better capitalize on her talents. Janet’s daily responsibilities encompass much more than her job description describes. We at PARC count on her to get us ready for all events, move us from office to office (which if you know PARC, is a very regular occurrence), keep our building in top form and support our clients in the EOC during their day. PARC is complimented almost daily on the appearance and condition of our building and we have our facilities team to thank for that. We keep them very busy and Janet never experiences a quiet moment during her day. As soon as cloning is authorized she is top on our list for it. Since she has so much energy to burn, Janet also works a second job and has an active family life. Janet is married to Michael and has been for 20 years. Together they have 7 children, 26 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, two dogs and a bird. She swears she still enjoys spending time with her husband and even her children…. at times. In what little spare time she can squeeze out, she loves doing yard work and home improvement projects.
Janet does have a secret power though…. She is an AVID reader. Having read over 1000 books within the last 9 years. As she goes about her day she isn’t without her ear buds and is actively listening to the latest book she has downloaded. She can have as many as three or four books going at a time. Her favorite genre is Murder/Suspense but will read just about anything except she isn’t a fan of Romance, apparently she has plenty of that in her own world. Janet tells us that her claim to fame is being asked to review a local authors last two books and her reviews were published with the books. We beg to differ, as her true claim to fame is her ability to make the lives of all the PARC employees and clients just a little easier due to her daily efforts. In case we don’t say it enough, THANKS JANET!!!

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