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AbilityOne Program

PARC, a ServiceSource affiliate participates in the national AbilityOne Program with contracts held on Hill Air Force Base and Tooele Army Depot.

This program provides employment opportunities to more than 45,000 people with disabilities and veterans throughout the country. Visit the AbilityOne website for more information.

AbilityOne™ Program

Military Kitting

In partnership with the AbilityOne Program, PARC provides a comprehensive line of specialized outdoor equipment. These kits are provided to all branches of the military, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Search and Rescue organizations, various police forces, the Boy Scouts of America and other outdoor enthusiasts.

These professional quality, customized outdoor kits are valuable in ice and snow; Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) exercises and wilderness survival. Our Military Kitting team can customize any equipment into a kit to fit your needs at a competitive price. Contact us for a free bid or to discuss your kitting needs.

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Business Services

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