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Why Choose PARC

When you choose PARC, a ServiceSource affiliate, you are choosing to benefit from our support and expertise at every step of the employment process—from discovery to placement, we aim to have a seamless experience that ensures clients achieve their highest level of independence.

PARC provides an individualized program for each person that we serve.

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Competitive Integrated Employment

Our Competitive Integrated Employment Program utilizes a large network of businesses and organizations to provide the best job match with a job seeker’s interests and abilities. Each PARC participant is supported and trained by a job coach in obtaining and maintaining successful employment.

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Customized Employment

PARC starts with an in-depth information gathering process which identifies an individual’s interests and skills. We then work with local businesses to customize a job based on the person’s strengths and passions.

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Community Integration Services

At the heart of our Community Integration Services programs are valued and innovative person-centered activities. Person-centered activities include, but are not limited to, independent living skills, reading and writing, leisure and social activities, current events education and recreational activities. Each of our program participants has a uniquely designed plan that incorporates the individual’s skills and interests while maximizing community integration.

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Bloom is a self-employment and social venture supported by PARC and ServiceSource. Bloom empowers people with disabilities to use their creative talents to enjoy artistic experiences and learn new techniques. Artisans leverage their talents to create products and then have the option to sell their items via consignment – where all proceeds go to the Artisan. 

Bloom products include Handcrafted greeting cards, soaps and more!

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Career Exploration Services

PARC has partnered with Department of Workforce Services Rehabilitation to offer a Pre-Employment Transition Services program called Career Exploration Services (CES). The CES program offers students the opportunity to explore and experience career options while transitioning from school to employment by providing Job Exploration Counseling and the opportunity for Work Based Learning Experiences.

For more information on PARC’s Career Exploration Services,  download our PDF Flyer.

In partnership with:

Workforce Services Rehabilitation

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Commercial and Government Contracts

Through our commercial and government contracts, PARC creates employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities while providing customized business solutions and exceptional customer service. Currently, participants are employed to assemble supply and assault kits for members of the military throughout the world. PARC also has experience in Total Facilities Management and Custodial Services and employs more than 120 individuals with disabilities at Hill Air Force Base and Tooele Army Depot

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PARC Programs

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PARC’s mission is empowering people with disabilities through training and employment.

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